Component 3 – Developing an innovative financing mechanisms (including carbon financing) for investments in industrial energy efficient and low carbon technologies  


The project will intervene to catalyze increased mobilization of financing from local as well as international financing institutions and investments flow from industrial enterprises.  The project will work closely with countries Government counterparts and stakeholders to identify innovative and appropriate financing mechanisms and provide support for design.

The project’s interventions will rely on a combination of international and national expert assistance in the areas of industrial energy efficiency and carbon finance with direct support, knowledge assets and training programmes developed by UNIDO, pilot demonstrations and EE financing and investments promotion.  


  • Capacity development trainings on energy efficiency for the Georgian banking sector

In addition its education program on ISO 50001 and trainings on Energy Efficiency Directive, UNIDO and KPC- in cooperation withEnergy Efficiency Centre Georgia - provides support to the local banking sector to improve their capacity in implementing sustainable energy efficiency financing.
This involves developing the ability of the bank employees to identify the potential of energy savings in Georgian industries, advising clients on the possible measures, and providing further support with project financing, risk mitigation and implementation.
Such skills within banks’ employees are of crucial importance, as financing energy efficiency projects in Industry is still a bottleneck in improving companies’ performance and modernization of production lines.
The bank’s staff shall not only lead the promotion of sustainable energy investments, but also provide innovative, affordable and viable financial instruments.
Therefore, bank employees must recognize the benefits of sustainable energy technologies to be able to promote it to others.
Through this adequate training, the staff shall have tools and competences to assess sustainable energy investments, in particular, the expected energy and cost savings, cash-flows and potential associated risks.
The training aims also to motivate participating banks to further develop tailored financial products to potential clients
Last but not least, the banks are advised to develop clear instructions and procedures for the employees of different departments to be familiar with such product and act jointly, which leads to smooth and coordinated process with much better results.
The training provided general information on the technical and financial benefits of energy efficiency investments and examples of common measures that can be implemented by Georgian industry and also to get participants familiar with Georgian energy efficiency market in general and identify business opportunities for their banks and partner companies.
The first training was attended by 16 officers from three banks and four industrial companies. 

This is another step in a successful implementation of sustainable energy solutions in Georgia. There is much more to follow.


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Volume of Energy Efficiency Market in Industry

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions through improved Energy Efficiency in the Industrial Sector of Georgia

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions through Improved Energy Efficiency in the Industrial Sector in Georgia




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