In light of the Globalization process and due to the location of Georgia, the country’s economic development is directly related to the proper and effective functioning of the transport sectors. 

Georgia is located at the crossroad of Europe and Asia where the transportation of strategic goods is conducted. Therefore, one of the top priorities of the Government of Georgia is coordinated functioning of the transport sectors, modernization/construction of transport infrastructure in accordance with international standards, harmonization of the country’s legislation with international law and integration into the Trans-European Transport Network.

Considering the above-mentioned, the Government of Georgia undertakes significant infrastructure projects that will facilitate additional flows of goods towards Georgia and increase the effectiveness of transport systems.


Main Objectives of the Department  

  • to develop the transport and logistics sector according to the country’s priorities and ensure maximal economic efficiency; 
  • to identify existing gaps and opportunities  in the transport and logistics sector and implement efficient policy for its development; 
  • to improve the legislative framework for transport policy in cooperation with the respective structural unit(s) of the Ministry ; 
  • to elaborate and sign draft bilateral and multilateral intergovernmental agreements in the field of transport;
  • within its competence, to coordinate the work of aviation, maritime and land transport sectors;  to study and analyze existing problems and needs;
  • to collect and analyze statistical data;
  • to  lay down strategies in response to the identified problems and/or opportunities;
  • to initiate short, medium and long-term development strategies  where needed and to coordinate and monitor their implementation; 
  • to initiate projects of strategic importance and participate in their implementation;
  • to plan and carry out respective actions/projects for the development of logistics and for the realization of the country’s transit potential;
  • to cooperate with international organizations, programmes and financial institutions.

Main priorities of the Department

  • Integrating Georgia into international transport systems and developing the country’s transport potential; 
  • Developing logistics systems and multimodal transport;
  • Approximating the legal framework with European legislation; 
  • Deepening relations between Georgia and international organizations;
  • Signing intergovernmental agreements for the development of bilateral and multilateral transport links; 
  • Enhancing the safety of  transport systems;
  • Increasing the competitiveness of transport systems;
  • Enhancing the service level;
  • Improving the seafarer’s education and certification system and ensuring proper implementation of the flag state obligations

Main Transport Network in Georgia

International Airports 


Domestic Airports 

  • Queen Tamar Airport, Mestia
  • Ambrolauri Airport 
  • Natakhtari Airfield
  • Telavi Airfield  -  “Airport Mimino”


Sea Ports/Terminals

Railway Transport

International Agreements and Conventions

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