Doing Business

Doing Business is a part of the World Bank Group, the reports of which are published annually. The report "Doing Business" covers 10 indicators and investigates regulations that enhance and constrain business activity.


Doing Business – 2020


Fraser Institute – Economic Freedom of the World

Fraser Institute provides an overview of the economic freedom of the world. The index of index measures the degree of economic freedom presented in five major areas


Fraser Institute – Economic Freedom of the World – 2019

Heritage Foundation - Index of Economic Freedom – 2019

The Index of Economic Freedom is a quantitative measure of the ability to start, operate, and close a business



Heritage Foundation - 2020 Index of Economic Freedom

Corruption Perception Index

Measures the overall extent ofcorruption (frequency and/or size of corrupt transactions) in the public and political sectors and provides a ranking of countries, that measure perceptions of corruption in at least a few different countries.


Corruption Perception Index – 2019

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