George Kobulia Met with Representatives of Investors Councils Tourism Working Group

George Kobulia and the representatives of the tourism sector discussed the challenges and topical issues of the tourism sector at the meeting held at the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development upon the initiative of the Investors Council.

George Kobulia offered a presentation to the audience and introduced in details the strategy of the Ministry of Economy, which implies numerous important directions for the development and promotion of the tourism sector.

“These people represent the real tourism sector and they are very well informed about the challenges in the field. We are glad to know that they approve our vision thus confirming that our strategy for tourism development is principally correct and we have also became aware of the aspects that need more attention. We talking about such infrastructure projects as creation of  large capacity conference spaces in Tbilisi and Batumi. Of course, we are ready to take into consideration all the comments of the Tourism Council and I believe, that joint efforts with tourism sector representatives will provide grounds for better outcomes,” – George Kobulia stated.

According to the Head of the Investors Council Secretariat, Mariam Megvinetuhutsesi, it is very important that the Tourism Working Group of the Council has exchanged the ideas with the Minister as well as the vision of solving the challenges for the further rapid and sustainable development of the tourism sector.

Following the meeting, one of the members of the Tourism Working Group, the founder of the CBC Georgia, Saba Kiknadze, noted that the ongoing process reveals the vector of the Government’s vision regarding the tourism development. “As I found, almost all the challenges of the sector were declared at the meeting, including the fact that we have to switch onto the high solvent markets, develop infrastructure and promote the growth of staff qualification in order to provide higher quality services in the tourism sector. We also discussed the steps to be taken in the sort and medium terms,” – Saba Kiknadze commented.

The Investors Council is an independent consultative body of the Prime Minister of Georgia aimed at creating a dialogue to create a favorable, non-discriminatory, transparent and fair business and investment climate between private enterprise entrepreneurial entities, international organizations, donors and the Government of Georgia.

The Investors Council is an independent advisory body to the Prime Minister of Georgia, with the objective of promoting dialogue between the private business community, international organizations, donors and Government of Georgia for the development of a favorable, non-discriminatory, transparent and fair business and investment climate in Georgia.


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