George Kobulia Met Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communication of Bulgaria

 “Bulgaria is an important gateway to Europe for us and we want to deepen our transport corridor with this country. This applies to the ferry as well as to other means of transportation, including the use of containers,” – George Kobulia, the Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development said after the meeting with Bulgarian Minister of Transport, Information Technologies and Communications, Rossen Jeliazkov.

The TRACECA, the middle corridor of the Belt & Road, the Lapis  Lasuli corridor, the Persian Gulf-Black Sea Transit Corridor – this is just a short list of international routes that will or already passes Georgia and will contribute to increasing the competitiveness of Georgia’s transport corridor . Strengthening cooperation in these projects was one of the central issues of the meeting of George Kobulia and Rossen Jeliazkov.

George Kobulia provided his Bulgarian counterpart with the detailed information on the transport and logistic projects that are already being implemented in Georgia or are scheduled to be implemented in the future.

Discussions also focused on the expansion of Georgia’s existing ports, and also focused on the Anaklia Deep Sea Port that will become the main naval gateway and will be able to serve Panamax and post-Panamax vessels. 

George Kobulia also noted that further development of existing ferry links is especially important. According to the Minister, Georgia plans to conduct research on the Black Sea ferry and container feeder transportation and call on the Bulgarian colleague to cooperate in conducting the relevant feasibility study in this direction. The meeting also emphasized the importance of the direct flights between Georgia and Bulgaria for developing trade-economic links and tourism between the two countries. The focus was on the necessity of deepening cooperation in the field of motor transport as well.

The discussed also covered issues related to the formation of a digital hub and it was noted that despite existing broadband infrastructure between Georgia and Bulgaria, it is necessary to consider further improve the existing infrastructure and establish new highways and the data exchange centers. At the same time, the sides discussed the development of broadband infrastructure on the local level and cooperation in this direction in order to eliminate the existing digital inequality as soon as possible. The sides also discussed the prospects of the 5G broadband services development in the mobile networks.

George Kobulia invited his Bulgarian counterpart to the Tbilisi Belt & Road Forum, which will be held in October, this year.

Ambassador of Georgia to Bulgaria Tamar Liluashvili, the Deputy Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development Genadi Arveladze, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Aleksandre Khvtisiashvili and the Deputy Minister of Environment Protection and Agriculture Khatia Tsilosani also attended the session.

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