George Kobulia Participated in 6th Session of Georgia-Bulgaria Intergovernmental Commission

In Sofia, Bulgaria, the 6th Session of Georgia-Bulgaria Intergovernmental Trade-Economic and Scientific-Technical Commission was held. The meeting was co-chaired by George Kobulia, the Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia and the Bulgarian Minister of Transport, Information Technologies and Communications, Rossen Jeliazkov.

The Commission discussed the ongoing and upcoming economic reforms of the two countries. The sides discussed the steps taken in the field of bilateral cooperation, as well as the prospects for cooperation in such areas as trade, transport, agriculture, innovations, technologies, etc.

“Production of textile, furniture and agriculture products - we see a huge potential for development of close cooperaion with Bulgaria and creation of joint ventures in these sectors,” – George Kobulia said after the session.

Minister stated that cooperation in the transport and transportation sector is of particular importance since Bulgaria is one of the strategic partners-countries in the aspiration of Georgia’s becoming a middle corridor between Europe and Asia. “We agreed that we should study and decide how to make maritime traffic between Georgia and Bulgaria even more efficient and frequent than it is today. This will help us to attract additional cargo flows,” – George Kobulia highlighted.

Direct flights were also discussed with the Bulgarian partners. As the Minister noted, it was recorded in the protocol that Georgia and Bulgaria will work on the restoration of the direct flights, which will facilitate not only the development of the tourism but also the deepening of the business relations between the two countries.

George Kobulia also emphasized the significance of the Memorandum of Understanding, which was signed between the Chambers of Commerce of Georgia and Bulgaria and between the LEPL Enterprise Georgia Agency and the relevant Bulgarian Agency.

“The Memorandum will give our businesses the opportunity to deepen the dialogue with each other. We plan to conduct a business forum in 2019. In the field of business interaction, we see great potential for the development of manufacture of textiles, in which Bulgaria has great experience and we can establish the joint ventures. We also see great potential in the manufacture of furniture, which this country is also very strong in and I think that cooperation in this field will enable joint Bulgarian-Georgian companies to enter the export markets more easily. The third sector of great potential is agriculture. For example, a document on Technical Cooperation in Production of Essential Oils was signed in this sector. Georgia was a great producer of this product in the past but now this sector has disappeared in the country. Bulgaria is one of the strongest countries with technical expertise in this field and we have expressed our desire to restore the production of essential oils in our country,” – the Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia stated.

George Kobulia gave the positive evaluation of the visit to Bulgaria as well as the work of the Joint Commission and said that “It was a very successful visit and we hope that the relations between Georgia and Bulgaria will be enhanced not only in the economy sector but also in other important sectors and, as a result, will bring even more success to our countries".

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