Natia Turnava at Nova’s New Mega-center of Construction and Repair Materials

“Encouraging local production is a cornerstone of our economic policy, which is especially important in the post-crisis period. Today is a symbolic day for us, as we have overcome the first challenge associated with the global pandemics. The Government is controlling the challenging due to the new corona virus and giving businesses the green light to develop and employ people,” – Natia Turnava stated at the opening of the Nova’s new mega-center for construction and repair materials. The Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development added that the company should be proud that the center offers the customers the production of the company itself, which is almost half of the company’s total sales.

“Nova production is supported within the Enterprise Georgia state program and we, in general, will put a lot of emphasis on supporting the production based on our own resources. The building materials industry is one of the areas where we can use our own resources to significantly reduce our dependence on the imports, supply our own market and increase the export volumes. I can say the same about the food industry, the agricultural processing industry, other industries, but the building materials industry is one of the most distinguished in this regard,” – the Minister of Economy said.

The state program Enterprise Georgia, in 2017, handed 7500m2 of land to the Nova to build a new enterprise. The company invested 4 million USD to develop its production capacity while 2 million USD was co-financed by the Enterprise Georgia. Currently, 430 people are employed in the company’s enterprises, exhibition halls and warehouses, and 120 people work in Tbilisi and Batumi shopping centers.

Two new mega-center projects for construction and repair materials were implemented with the support of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the TBC Bank. Arranging the mega-centers required a total of 3 million GEL.

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