Natia Turnava Met with Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary, Péter Szijjártó

“This visit of the Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade is the first high-ranking visit to Georgia since the end of the state of emergency. This is symbolic because Hungary is our ally and strategic partner country with we have many common programs and projects and growing economic cooperation,” – Natia Turnava, the Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development stated after the meeting with Hungarian Foreign and Trade Minister, Péter Szijjártó. Georgian Foreign Minister Davit Zalkaliani and other officials of both countries also participated in the meeting.

Natia Turnava focused on investment cooperation between the two countries. “Hungarian Minister confirmed that, like us, Hungarian investors see new opportunities in the foreign market that emerged in the post-pandemic period. Companies want to diversify. Hungarian investors are among them. Hungarian Minister noted that a special credit line has been allocated at the Eximbank – the Bank of Hungary for those Hungarian companies that will decide to invest their funds in Georgia and we will continue to work in this direction,” – the  Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development added.

Restoration of the traffic between the two countries was also a part of the conversation. “Georgia and Hungary, within the framework of a special working group, will develop detailed procedures to open our market to Hungarian visitors and Hungarian borders for Georgians in a such a way as not to suffer from the positive epidemiological situation in both countries and this process will be very active,” – Natia Turnava commented.

Hungarian airline Wizz Air was another topic of the conversation. Natia Turnava noted that the Hungarian airline operates very actively in Georgia and has significantly expanded its operations in the conditions that were created in Georgia. “Our Hungarian guest was happy to know that Georgian Government included the Wizz Air in our Government program aimed at bringing Georgian citizens home from the foreign countries. Of course, we look forward the moment when we, together with the Wizz Air restore the regular flights. However, at this stage, the Hungarian airline will help us to bring our citizens from abroad,” – the Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development said.

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