George Kobulia At Multimodal Terminal Project Presentation in Batumi Port

Georgian Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development, George Kobulia attended the multimodal terminal project presentation at the Batumi Port. The Chairman of the Adjara Government, Tornike Rizjvadze and other officials also attended the event in Batumi. Within the scope of the event, an Agreement was signed with the US company Trammo, which would be one of the founders of the Wondernet Express Investment Group and the project investor.

George Kobulia highlighted that the project will greatly contribute to the Batumi Port and Adjara, as well as to the Georgian Railways, which will be working on transportation of the cargo. “This is one of the industrial projects and its implementation is important not only for Adjara but for the whole country as well. We believe that such projects will create better grounds for further development and encourage other companies from other countries to implement similar investments.” 

In his welcome speech, the Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development George Kobulia gave positive evaluation of the large US investments in Georgia and noted that this very project will facilitate to attract additional transit cargoes via Georgia. According to the Minister, this project will increase the occupation of the railways and create new jobs not only in Batumi and Adjara but in other regions of Georgia as well.

The Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development focused on the fact that the US corporation Trammo, which is a new multimodal terminal investor in the Batumi port, follow the highest level of ecological standards in the business. “In case of Batumi we are dealing with the construction of a high-tech terminal, which will be a closed-cycle enterprise. This project will contribute to improving the ecological standards of the Batumi port,” – George Kobulia, the Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development commented.

Construction of the mineral fertilizer terminal is planned in order to reset granulated carbide on the territory of the Batumi Sea Port. The terminal will be of regional importance and will contribute to the growth of the economy of the Adjara Region and the whole country as well. The project implies establishment of the logistic corridor from Central Asian countries via Azerbaijan and Georgia to the ports of the Black Sea.

A new multimodal terminal construction project will be implemented by the Wondernet Express – a company that successfully operates in the EU, the CIS and the Baltic States, as well as China, Korea and Turkey in various logistics and transportation services.

The Wondernet Express Investment Group has already signed agreements with major partners in connection with the creation of a new logistics corridor of mineral fertilizers, such as the Georgian Railway, the Batumi Port, the Azerbaijan Railway, the Baku Port. The terminal will be equipped with modern equipment for the resetting of the mineral fertilizers and namely, with the conveyor system and the ship loaders equipped with filtration technology. Warehouse facilities are designed to store 60 000 tons of bulk fertilizers. The terminal production capacity of the terminal allows the processing of mineral fertilizers up to 1 200 000 tons a year.

The company intends to invest 20 million USD for the construction of the multimodal terminal.

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