Natia Turnava Congratulated Energy Sector Representatives on Professional Day

September 10 is a Day of Energy Workers and the Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia congratulated the people working in this field on their professional day.

According to Natia Turnava, every person who is professionally involved in the construction of the energy sector performs a historic function, as the country’s future, development and integration into the global economy, along with other important areas, depends on the energy sector.

“I can talk over and over again about those huge energy projects that will greatly contribute to our economic well-being. It all matters if only we give special appreciation to people who do not appear in public, but without those people nothing can be ever done – they work hard day and night, build up, create, study, try their best, perform risky tasks in order to provide us with uninterrupted power supply and new generation facilities, allowing us to use new technologies, build green development and better future,” – Natia Turnava said.

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