Natia Turnava Introduced Head of Georgian Airports Association

Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia, Natia Turnava, introduced Tamar Archuadze as the new Head of the Georgian Airports Association Ltd.

Natia Turnava highlighted that Tamar Archuadze has extensive work experience in the aviation sector since she has been working as a curator in this field for many years.

“I would like to introduce Tamar Archuadze, the new Head of the Georgian Airports Association - a very experienced and young professional woman, who is very well aware of the field. Until now, Tamar has been holding the position of the Deputy Head at the Georgian Civil Aviation Agency, while, from now on, she will start managing the Georgian Airports Association with the new vigor. Together we will regulate our airport infrastructure more and more efficiently,” - Natia Turnava said.

The Minister added that the first thing she had done in collaboration with the new Head of the Airports Association was the inspection of Tbilisi International Airport.

“As you remember, I had already visited the Tbilisi International Airport a few months ago; I had some objections to the airport management company. I would like to say that TAV Georgia took note of our remarks - renovations are underway, bathrooms were arranged, the interior and furniture are being put in order, as well. I hope the process will continue faster. Of course, we will pay attention to this process, but this is not the only task,” - Natia Turnava said.

According to the Economy Minister, it is more important and complex task to complete the expansion of Kutaisi International Airport in a timely manner and that will happen so. 

“In autumn will have a new terminal at Kutaisi International Airport that will increase its throughput four times - this is the airport that serves relatively low-cost airlines giving both tourists and citizens of our country the opportunity to travel at affordable prices.

In addition, first of all, we have to be more open to the new airlines and flights and strengthen “open sky” policy and principles in order to serve foreigners and our own citizens more comfortably,” - Natia Turnava said.

The new Head of the Georgian Airports Association, Tamar Archuadze noted, she is pleased to be joining the team of experienced professionals. “I would like to give this team more experience and skills I have gained through working in the aviation sector over the last 20 years. Our main task will require us to be passenger-oriented and improve our services for maintaining the best position in the region,” - Tamar Archuadze stated. 

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