Natia Turnava Met with Clothing Industry Representatives

Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development, Natia Turnava met with the representatives of the clothing industry. The main topic of the conversation was the launching of active production of the facemasks.

The leaders of the companies expressed their readiness to support the state and its citizens with maximum efforts and resources in the fight against coronavirus.

“Due to the fact that there is a certain deficit of facemasks and different sanitizing means in Georgia, we, as a socially responsible company, are ready to get involved in this process and offer certain amount of the facemasks for free to the state and the Georgian population,” – Giorgi Lominadze, the representative of the Adjara Textile stated.

The company Movi expressed its readiness to actively support the state in the framework of the planned actions against the coronavirus. As the company representative, Anna Andronikashvili said after the meeting, the company is involved in the production of the facemasks.

“Today the Minister has announced that no restrictions will be imposed on the logistics, so we support the state as much as possible and urge other manufacturers to do so,” – Ana Andronikashvili said.

According to the pharmaceutical company Smart Pharma, the company is ready to convey the stock of the gauze material they have on the balance to the state for free for the production of the facemasks.

“Our company expressed a desire to hand over the gauze stock existing on our balance to the state for free, in order to ensure smooth production of the facemasks. In the next phase, with regard to the next call, we are ready to do our utmost to smoothly import and supply gauze for those ready to produce and have expressed a responsibility to be engaged in the production and support the state,” – Tea Mgaloblishvili, a mart Pharma representative said.

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