Natia Turnava Met with Hungarian Ambassador to Georgia, Viktória Horvát

Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia, Natia Turnava discussed the prospects of economic cooperation with the Hungarian Ambassador to Georgia, Viktória Horváth. Particular attention was paid to the restoration of the direct air traffic between the two countries, as well as to the introduction of the safe standards in the field of tourism and the establishment of a bilateral green corridor. 

Deputy Ministers Genadi Arveladze and Irakli Nadareishvili and the Head of the National Tourism Administration Mariam Kvrivishvili also attended the meeting. 

Natia Turnava briefed the Hungarian Ambassador on Georgia’s successful efforts to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, which will enable the country to return to an active tourist life more quickly. As a result of successful cooperation with the World Health and Tourism Organizations, Georgia has prepared guidelines for the tourism sector, which will be announced in the coming days. According to the Minister, these protective measures will once again strengthen the image of Georgia as a safe tourist destination in the world.

The Hungarian Ambassador was interested in the steps taken by Georgia to prevent the spread of the pandemic in the tourism sector and expressed hope that the tourist flows between Georgia and Hungary will be restored soon. “Georgia deals with the corona virus epidemic very well. We respect very highly initiatives of the Georgian government that managed to keep the virus spread so low. Also, we welcome the idea of the safe corridor letting tourists and business travelers in the country. We are happy to participate in the negotiations and being among the first countries to come to Georgia and send businesses and tourists in the beautiful country of Georgia,” – Viktória Horváth said.

Issues related to elaboration of investment and inter-security agreement between the two countries, which will contribute to bilateral economic cooperation, was also discussed during the meeting.

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