The company SGS has introduced a periodical technical inspection program report

Swiss company SGS, which is advising on the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development has introduced  a report in order to implement periodical technical inspecting program. The document is published on the following site:

The company report is  defining the demands of the buildings and the equipments of the periodical technical inspectation centres, as well as technical qualification of the staff. This information is important as for existing, as well as for interested businesses. They will  be able to work according to the report, to foresee the standing orders required by the government and to satisfy technical inspectation centers obligatory standards in real time.

The obligatory technical inspectation of the vehicle will start in January 1, 2018 and it will be implemented gradually.


Determination of the requirements for buildings and equipment of the Periodic Vehicle Technical Inspection Centers. Technical qualification of personnel – Principal Body

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