The State Program on Broadband Infrastructure Development in Georgia

In the framework of the program the settlements which are not covered by fiber-optic network will be covered using fiber-optic cables and established open access points. Non-profit entity “OpenNet” established by the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia provides the Broadband internet infrastructure development activities with financial support of International Charity Foundation Cartu. 

After the implementation of the State program on Broadband fiber-optic Infrastructure Development population living in regions of Georgia will benefit from high-speed internet, which will further increase the involvement of citizens in our country's socio-economic life. 

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Georgian draft law on Electronic Commerce

The draft law on E-Commerce is being elaborated for development of e-commerce in the country and according the eCommerce directive and the obligation, taken from DCFTA to define rights and commitments of intermediary service providers (ISP) in Georgian legislation. By adoption of the law will be established the European regulations of e-commerce, which will promote consumer rights protection during the process of electronic commerce on the Internet and determine the terms and conditions of signing electronic agreement during the information transmission and storage which is obligation of Intermediate service providers etc.


Georgian Law on amendment in the ‘’Electronic Communications’’ Law

The aim of the draft amendment is to become effective the appropriate regulations on the call termination wholesale rates calculation methodology formed by Euro Commission in mobile and fixed network of telecommunications operator in Georgia. The methodology provides the calculation of the interconnection rates using future-oriented Long Run Incremental Cost (LRIC) method. According to this method, the rates will be determined in accordance with effective costs of efficient operator, which actually excludes the unequal conditions for telecommunications operators, the possibility of cross-subsidies, which will support the further development of the telecommunications market.

The Project - "Harmonization of Digital Markets in the Eastern Partnership countries (HDM)" 

The goal of the project - "Harmonisation of Digital Markets in the EaP(HDM)" is to promote the harmonization of digital markets by implementing joint projects and integration and harmonization of legislative, administrative and technological systems for the national IT policy.

Under the project is established new EU4Digital ‘’digital skills (eSkills)’’, ‘’ICT Innovation (ICT Innovation)’’, ‘’electronic identification and trust services; network and information security and cyber security (Trust&Secure)’’, “electronic Trade (eTrade)’’, ‘’electronic health (eHealth)’’ and electronic communications regulatory authorities EU4Digital: Telecom networks.

All relevant institutions are involved in the EU4Digital networks and the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development (Communications, Information and modern technologies Department) is the HDM project coordinator. 


Postal Sector Reform and elaboration of regulatory framework 

Within the scope of the Postal Sector reform, under the Grant Assistance of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is undergoing:  

  • Analysis of the current postal sector
  • Elaboration of main policy options for postal sector development
  • Review / modification of the draft Postal Law.


Draft Law of Georgian on Post

Creating the regulator-normative base on postal sector will ensure: regulation of the sector, single rules for operation on the market, provision of postal services in compliance with international postal standards, sustainable development of postal sector, development of universal postal service, entrepreneurship and competition development, supporting the creation of new work place etc.

Implemented Projects

Information Access Center (IAC) and Internet Service Center for blind and weak eye-sighted persons

On 13 December 2016 in result of cooperation between the MoSD and the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning of the Republic of Korea, in the framework of Korean side’s financial and technical assistance was opened the Information Access Center (IAC) for the people blind and with weak eyesight in Mirza Gelovani Tbilisi Library, equipped with technical devices including braille sense keyboards and other technics.


The integration of Digital Terrestrial TV Broadcasting network 

In 2015, parallel with putting into operation the core network of state Digital Terrestrial TV Broadcasting, started its integration works which was implemented according to the schedule approved by Government Decree №2639 of December 11, 2015 “Providing population with the signal of Georgian Public Broadcaster and  Public Broadcaster Adjara TV in the populated shadow zones after the putting into operation of the state-owned Digital Terrestrial TV Broadcasting core network“ and were put into use 110 digital signal repeater in 2016, the majority of which are located in the mountainous regions. As a result of the mentioned works in current period, the total of the country's population of more than 97% have access to the television programs of Georgian Public Broadcaster and Public Broadcaster Adjara TV. 


Postal Payment Signs – Issuance of Postage Stamps

The Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia is empowered to issue postage stamps in Georgia. According to the Order of the Minister, 16 postage stamps of 10 thematic were issued in 2016. 


Integrated Postal Reform and Development Plan (IPDP) 2015 – 2017 

In the framework of the Universal Postal Union technical assistance by its experts were elaborated Integrated Postal Reform and Development Plan for Georgia for 2015-2017. The master plan - IPDP is developed under the UPU methodology, which identifies short, medium and long term objectives and actions for fulfilment of our country's obligations to citizens and businesses to be provided with high-quality postal services. The document provides an analysis of the current postal services market situation in Georgia, 13 major projects and detailed suggestions for postal sector reform.


Postal Market Research for Universal Postal Service Cost Estimation


International Relations in Postal Sector
At the UPU 26th Congress Georgia was elected as a member of Council of the Administration (CA) and Postal Operations Council (POC) of the UPU, at the same time, Vice-Chair of the CA.

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