Natia Turnava Got Familiar with Production Process in Rustavi Steel and GeaSteel

Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development Natia Turunava visited Rustavi metallurgical enterprises – the Rustavi Steel and the Geosteel and got acquainted with the production processes. Over 2500 people are employed in both enterprises, and most of the products produced there are exported. Technological re-equipment is currently underway in the enterprises, including in terms of the introduction of ecological standards.

“It is very important for us first of all to see how these enterprises are becoming more energy efficient. We got familiar with specific plans. Both enterprises have begun the re-equipment of the production process and updating the technologies in order to consume less electricity, cause less pollution, etc,’ – Natia Turnava,  the Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development, told media after examining the enterprises.

“It is important that the process of transforming the factories into energy-efficient enterprises is already underway, which is the reflection of our large-scale energy-reform. This will be our request and we will not only supervise the process but also assist the companies to introduce new standards,” – Natia Turnava added.

The Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development also stressed on the need of supporting enterprises in earning the access to the domestic and foreign markets. “It was important to discuss how we can support these enterprises at the foreign markets since they are exporting their production. They need serious support in order to be competitive and in equal terms with international competitors. They also need support in the domestic market - we have an anti-dumping legislation that ensures fair rules of competition and the market and consumers will be protected from poor quality analogies,” – the Minister noted. Natia Turanava noted that she will visit such factories in the future and discuss with their leadership the ways of solving their challenges.

It is noteworthy that from May 1, 2019 a new stage of deregulation of energy market was launched in Georgia. Part of large industrial consumers, including the Rustavi Steel and the Geosteel, were allowed to buy electricity at market price. This direction of market deregulation reform is important for registered entrepreneurs to increase their energy efficiency and introduce the new technologies.

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