Natia Turnava Met with USA Ambassador to Georgia, Kelly C. Degnan

Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development, Natia Turnava held a meeting with the US Ambassador to Georgia, Kelly C. Degnan.

The meeting focused on the ongoing reforms in the energy sector of Georgia, the development of the electricity market and the challenges related to the country’s energy security. The need to develop consumption via own energy resources was also stressed since the country has to cope with the growing deficit.

“The covered such an important issue as our energy security. In this section, we received assistance from the US Embassy and the USAID Mission in Georgia in order to further analyse our energy security. In particular, the USAID will support a new program to increase engagement in public energy security dialogue. It will also support our government plans to develop local renewable energy sources, further diversify the country’s energy market and strengthen Georgia’s energy and economic independence and security,” – Natia Turnava said.

The US Ambassador Kelly Degnan highlighted that Georgia’s energy security is very important, but it depends on the existence of a diverse and well-developed energy market.

“I think there needs to be a good dialogue with communities that are impacted with different energy projects and that is one of the basis of the USAID important new programmes securing Georgia’s energy future, which will be starting up next month. The idea is that to be sure that the public understands how vitally important it is to develop and diversify Georgia’s energy market and make sure that there is public understanding and public ownership and participation in that process. This was a perfect opportunity for the Minister and me too to go over some of the projects and the initiatives that Georgia is considering and the look at the ways that the United States can help Georgia in this important sector,” – Kelly Degnan stated after the meeting.

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