Natia Turnava Examianed Ongoing Restoration Works in Rustavi Azot

Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development, Natia Turnava visited the Rustavi Azot factory and personally got acquainted with the ongoing restoration working process in the enterprise.

The Rustavi Azot, the largest producer of mineral fertilizers and industrial chemicals in the South Caucasus region, employs about 2 000 people and 99% of its employees are locals.

As it was mentioned during the meeting with the Minister, the administration of the enterprise is actively working to improve the social conditions of the employees. First, it concerns the payroll, which has grown by an average of 25% this year.

Natia Turnava also visited one of the central tunnels of the factory, which was re-equipped recently. Consequently, the working conditions of the employees have been significantly improved. An automatic loader has been installed to replace the need of the heavy mechanical labor and people no longer have to carry loaded sacks. According to the Minister, similar improvements are being made throughout the enterprise.

As Natia Turnava noted, it is important that the enterprise becomes more environmentally friendly - new filters and new catalysts are being installed within the framework of the German government supporting program, which, in fact, will minimize the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere.

Within the visit to the enterprise, Natia Turnava thanked the employees of the factory for their outstanding civil responsibility during the Covid-19 pandemic and handed over certificates of appreciation to them. It should be noted that the Rustavi Azot is one of the few companies that started the production of medical oxygen in Georgia and thus provided the medical sector and, consequently, the population with this essential component in the fight against the disease. The Minister presented letters of gratitude to the plant staff for their active cooperation during the pandemic and provision of medical oxygen to the medical facilities.

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