Natia Turnava Met with Chinese Dongfang Electric International Corporation President

Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia, Natia Turnava discussed the current situation in the energy sector and the liberal investment environment in Georgia with the President of the Dongfang Electric Corporation, Si Zefu.

Giorgi Chikovani, Director of the Georgian Energy Development Fund and Levan Vepkhvadze, Executive Director of the Georgian Business Association also participated in the meeting.

Natia Turnava provided Si Zefu with the detailed information on the current situation in the energy sector of Georgia, country’s energy potential and the liberal environment for investment and business. According to the Minister, Georgia will soon overcome the economic challenges caused by the pandemic and will be able to fix the forecast growth rate by the end of this year. The Minister noted that it is important for the country to receive new international investments, for which the Georgian Government is actively working.

Dongfang Electric Corporation President, Si Zefu noted that the Corporation is considering opening a regional representation in Georgia. It was said that Dongfang, one of the three largest manufacturers of the machinery for power plants in China, plans to invest in Georgia’s energy sector, especially in renewable energy, as well as cooperate in major energy projects planned in the country.

China State Corporation Dongfang was founded in 1984. It manufactures hydropower, thermal and renewable power plant machinery and equipment. The corporation has offices in a number of countries in the Asian region, including India, Pakistan, Vietnam, etc.

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