Statement of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development

We would like to address the disinformation disseminated by some media outlets about the “illegal use” of Georgian airspace, which was based on unverified and false information.

On 4 September, Iranian airline Iran Air Cargo really did carry out a flight from Yerevan to Moscow, and the said aircraft spent 10 minutes in Georgian airspace. It should be noted that Iran Air Cargo is not a sanctioned company, and it regularly carries out flights to Tbilisi as well as other European cities.

Rather than disseminating disinformation and harming the reputation of the Georgian Civil Aviation Agency, the news outlets that are characterized by the dissemination of biased, unverified, and purposefully false reports could have verified this information and seen for themselves that the Iranian airline often carries out regular flights to Europe.

The fact that Georgia and Armenia are both members of Eurocontrol – the European Organization for the Safety of Air Navigation – also demonstrates the falsity of the reports. On this specific flight as well as on other flights, permission to use Georgian airspace was granted by Eurocontrol. Consequently, the said flight was carried out in full compliance with Georgian and international legislation.

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