Levan Davitashvili Examined Infrastructural Works at Archeological Complex in Imiri, Marneuli Municipality

First Vice Prime Minister, Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development examined the infrastructural works of the archaeological complex in the village of Imiri, Marneuli Municipality. Levan Davitashvili visited Imiri together with the Minister of Culture and Sports, Vice Prime Minister Thea Tsulukiani, Minister of Environment Protection and Agriculture Otar Shamugia, State Representative to Kvemo Kartli Giorgi Dokhturishvili and the heads of the Cultural Heritage Protection and the Wine National Agencies.

"Gadachrili Gora" (cut-off mountain) of the village of Imiri is an important, ancient monument of agriculture in Georgia, which was built in 12 BC. It dates back to VI-V millennia. It is worth noting that, in addition to household archeological samples, plant seeds and grape seed samples were found there, which indicates the existence of horticulture and viticulture culture in that period. In order to preserve this important monument for Georgia, a large infrastructural project is being carried out on the "Gadachrili Gora".

As Levan Davitashvili noted, this site can serve as a means of developing the tourist infrastructure on the spot, which will become one of the important centers of attraction not only in Marneuli municipality, but throughout Georgia as a whole.

"This is a place where one of the oldest centers of agriculture has been discovered, including the beginning of viticulture and winemaking, and it is not only interesting for Georgian visitors and tourists, it is an interesting destination for world scientists and tourists. Therefore, it has a special value. In the framework of this project, inter-agency cooperation is very important, and I would like to express my special thanks to the Ministry of Culture for the successful implementation of this project. The works should be completed this year, and we will have the opportunity to open this most important "open-air museum" and attract tourists," – the First Vice Prime Minister noted.

In order to protect the archaeological monument and its further development, several agencies are actively cooperating. The "Gadachrili Gora" project, which provides for the construction of road and engineering infrastructure, has been completed, and it is planned to build a museum, parking infrastructure and additional tourist attractions. As Levan Davitashvili notes, all this will allow the private sector and business to make investments. In addition, according to him, it is important to preserve the "Gadachrili Gora" not only from a scientific point of view - for the purpose of conservation, but also to use its tourist potential.

"Ultimately, of course, all this once again serves to further raise the awareness of Georgia, as well as Georgian wine, and in general, the development of Georgian tourism potential. Marneuli Municipality, Ministries of Culture, Agriculture, Economy - all agencies are closely cooperating for the further development of the project," – the First Vice Prime Minister commented.






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