Doppelmayr’s Cableways Operators in Georgia to Undergo Additional Training

Following the invitation of the Ministry of Economy, expert-instructors of the Doppelmayr will once again visit Georgia and provide additional inspection of the cableways installed by the Doppelmayr in Hatsvali, Goderdzi, Bakuriani and Gudauri resorts in the nearest future. 

The decision was announced at the meeting of the First Vice Prime Minister of Georgia, the Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development Dimitry Kumsishvili and the representative of the Austrian Doppelmayr, Valery Yashin. Deputy Minister of Economy Genadi Arveladze and the Chair of the Mountain Resorts Development Company, Aleksandre Onoprishvili also attended the meeting.

As it was mentioned at the meeting, every employee operating at the cableways installed by the Doppelmayr is properly trained, but, however, in line with the recent accident in Gudauri, all the employees will undergo additional practical training, which involves practical exercises for developing skills to be used in extreme situations via the special simulator that the Doppelmayr will provide as well. All the employees will receive relevant certificates upon the completion of the training.

It was also noted the along with the retraining of the existing staff, new staff should be prepared and the Ministry will be involved in the certification process as well.

It was also decided that following the best international practice, experience of the recognized companies in the world will be used in order to determine the types of the inspections that should be carried out according to new approaches.

As the Doppelmayr representatives noted, this is a world practice and introducing the existing experiences in Georgia will provide even higher standards of safety.

It should be noted that following Georgia’s invitation, experts of the Leitner will also arrive in Georgia in April and inspect the cableways which they have installed in Bakuriani and Mestia and just like the Doppelmayr, they will also provide additional trainings to the staff. 

 and they will once again re-prepare their staff as "Doppelier". By the initiative of the Georgian side, the visit of Poma representatives is also planned, which are installed in Gudauri and Mestia. Georgia also plans to invite representatives of the POMA, which have installed cableways in Gudauri and Mestia.

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