Spatial Planning

In accordance with the legislation requested, the Spatial Planning and Construction Policy Department will take into consideration:

  • The spatial-territorial planning documentation of all hierarchies, namely the general scheme of spatial arrangement of the country, urban spatial development plan, urban planning of settlements (city, town, village), which may include: General Plan for Land Use, Plant Regulation Plan;
  • Special (zonal) agreement (which envisages increasing the importance of the K2 coefficient defined for a specific land plot) on the whole territory of Georgia except for Administrative Borders of Batumi and Tbilisi;
  • Project documentation on I and II stages of construction permit on Bakuriani, Gudauri, Bakhmaro and Ureki-Shekvetili recreational area.

I stage: Approval of the terms of use for the construction of the land plot (gap);

II stage: Architectural project agreement.

After studying the documents presented in accordance with the requirements of the legislation, the Department of Spatial Planning and Construction Policy prepares the project documentation for the further discussions at the Committee of Regulation of the Use and Development of Settlement Territories approved by the Order N1-1 / 196 of the Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia, April 8, 2016;

The Council is held every week and can be attended by the architect of the project and the client;

The protocols and the answers are made at the Council sessions in accordance with the decisions made by the Council.

Contact Information:


Agreement on Expert Candidates for Special Construction Works

Consideration, agreement and maintenance of the unified register of the expert candidates for special construction projects to carry out the compulsory examination at the construction site.

Procedure of agreeing on expert candidates and required documents:

1. A construction permit applicant, on the II stage of the procedure of the issuance of permit, presents expert (expert organization) agreement together with the project documentation to the permit issuing authority.

2. The complete registration form of the expert candidate, which will be sent to the conciliation body within two working days, along with accompanying documentation shall be submitted to the permit issuing authority in accordance with the technical regulations on approval of the Temporary Law of Carrying out the Required Expertise Procedures of Special Construction Projects and the Appendix 2 of this resolution approved by the Order N61 of the Government of Georgia, on January 15, 2014. Required documentation:

A) A copy of the identity card;

B) Personal information (CV);

C) Higher education documents (diplomas, certificates);

D) Information about the work experience;

E) Approved/certified information on the works performed during the last 5 years, indicating the object's denomination and address;

F) Declaration of the expert candidate, the correctness of the information should be provided.

3. Within five days from the date of submission of the information specified in Paragraph 2 of this Article, the Conciliation Body shall:

A) Review the presented data, which should meet the requirements defined in subparagraphs C, D, or E of article 1 approved by the Government of Georgia under the Decree N61 of January 15, 2014 for Approval of the Temporary Law of Carrying out the Required Expertise Procedures of Special Construction Projects;

B) If necessary, the Ministry conducts an interview with an expert candidate.

4. Upon a written agreement of the applicant, the Conciliation Body is allowed to determine the compliance with the requirements of the comprehensive information submitted by the candidate.



Citizens’ Consultations

If you want to get information on the legislation in the field of construction, including:

  • Construction on the neighboring edge;
  • Restriction of construction according to the category of the land plot;
  • Types of objects allowed on the recreation areas, land plot development, density and greening coefficients;
  • Classes of buildings;
  • Other consultation services.



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