Innovative Business Facilitation

Georgia’s Agency of Innovations and Technologies offers various free of charge services to the interested customers. The Agency, together with Tech Park possesses small-size incubators, trainings centers and laboratories. Companies, for different purposes, can also use large offices of the Agency as well as co-working spaces and recreational area. Training centers and show rooms of the high technology companies are also available on the territory of the Tech Park Tbilisi. The Agency establishes a high technology incubator, a universal laboratory of industrial innovations, co-working area, conference hall and other services, which facilitate the development of the high technological industry in the country. 

Business Consulting Service

The GITA (Georgia’s Agency of Innovations and Technologies) introduced the offices of such consulting companies as the SAKPATENTI, the Deloitte and the Management Academy at the territory of the Tech Park in order to provide consulting services for the startup companies. The Companies provide consultations as follow: 

SAKPATENTI - consults startups on property protection issues;

Deloitte - assists the innovators in financial planning and solving the challenges emerged during the working process;

Management Academy - consults the startups on issues related to marketing and management. 

The Agency established a Mentors’ Network, which brings together the experienced, highly qualified professionals from different fields of activities. 

Members of the Mentor’s Network, on a voluntary bases, spend certain hours a month on sharing their own experience to the representatives of the startup, innovation businesses. 

For efficient introduction of the Mentors’ Network, the Agency created the website: This website provides the interested startups with the detailed information about the member-mentors and the opportunity to ask questions and receive qualified answers. At the same time, any professional willing to share the knowledge and experience with the interested candidates, is welcomed to join Mentor’s Network and register on the website.


 Accessibility of Technological, Educational and Professional Resources 

Georgia’s Agency of Innovations and Technologies offers the FabLabs, a network of industrial innovations laboratories, to the startups.

FabLab is the unique area for any citizen, which has an idea and wants to realize this one or to form it as startup business. FabLab gives everybody the possibility having the free access on modern technologies. It is fitted with each customer and supports the generation of ideas. Industrial innovations laboratories (FabLab) are creating the perspective of progress in modern society. In these areas are completing the new initiatives and realize the innovative ideas of young.  

FabLab is a unique space where any citizen having an idea and wishing to realize it or establish a start-up business has an opportunity to make it real. FabLab offers an access to the modern technologies to any interested candidate and is organized in such a way that facilitates to generating ideas. 

The FabLabs in Tbilisi as well as in the regions are provided with the hardware, which is the analogue of the  University of Technology of Massachusetts (MIT) hardware.

The FabLab offers most advanced machinery and devices, which allows to develop new ideas and projects of startup businesses. 

3D Printer is a programmable device, which allows the innovators to create the primary blueprint prototypes of their own inventions. The device, using the method of heating and gluing, can produce an object of any complexity with a 100% accuracy. 

Laser Cutter can cut and engrave on wooden, leather, organic glass, metal, cardboard and other types of materials. It is used for creating the various size objects including the accomplished, ready to use, perfectly designed items. 

CNC Router is a 3D programmable machine for working on wooden, organic glass, metal and other types of hard materials. The router allows the artists and innovators to create the prototypes of such sort or complexity, which are impossible to be produced manually or would require too much time. 

Vacuum Forming Machine can produce any type of patterns. Innovators are able to use such patterns free of charge in further production.

PCB Machine (machine for printing planes) gives the opportunity to produce the planes of highest quality and complexity. This machine is available in Georgia for the first time. It will facilitate to emergence of the new, high-tech products at the market. 

Programmable Sewing Machine is able to copy the drawing or the script of any complexity onto the different sorts of material with a 100% accuracy. 

FabLab are also equipped with cutting plotters, machines for printing on the different type of hard surfaces, thermal presses, which, coupled with any other equipment available at the laboratories, provides the innovators with the opportunity to create technically suited and visually developed prototypes of the highest quality. This will facilitate the innovators to obtain additional finances and launch the mass-production. 

There are 22 manufacturing innovation laboratories available in the country:

FabLab Tech Park –N17 Innovations’ Street,  Tech Park, Tbilisi. 
Fablab Tech Park – the former presidential residence in Zugdidi, Tech Park, Zugdidi.
FabLab TSU –N2 University Street, TSU, X Building, Tbilisi.
FabLab Iliauni –N3 Tsereteli Street, Tbilisi.
FabLab Art Academy –N34 Kipshidze Street, Tbilisi, Academy of Arts, III Building.
FabLab ATSU – Akaki Tsereteli State University N59 Queen Tamare Street. Kutaisi
FabLab BSU –N12 Pirosmani street. Shota Rustaveli State University Batumi. 
FabLab GTU –N68 Merab Kostava Street, Georgian Technical University, Tbilisi. 
FabLab AISI - Vocational School AISI, Kachreti.
FabLab New Wave - N154 Rustaveli Street, Kobuleti.
FabLab Black Sea - N84 Lermontovi Street, Batumi.
FabLab EMISI - N1a Guram Panjikidze Street, Tbilisi.
FabLab ERQVANI - N10 Vazha Pshavela Street, Ambrolauri. 
FabLab GLDANI - Khizanishvili Street (Gldani V M/D), Tbilisi.
FabLab IBERIA - N61 Z. Anjafaridze Street, Kutaisi.
FabLab LAKADA - N2 Yazbegi Street, Jvari, Tsalenjikha.
FabLab MODUSI - N4 Zhiuli Shartava Street, Rustavi.
FabLab OPIZARI - N106 Rustaveli Street, Akhaltsikhe.
FabLab PHAZISI - N54 Constitution Street, Poti.
FabLab SPECTRI - N10 Chichinadze Street, Tbilisi.
FabLab TETNULDI - N25Irakli Farjiani Street, Mestia. 

The FabLabs aim to offer the world the unique model of economic development based on the solid ground of knowledge. Its development is of outmost importance in terms of formation of new startup businesses. 


High Technology Show Room
Georgia’s Agency of Innovations and Technologies provides a show room at the Tech Park where the advanced, newest high technologies are offered to the examination of the public.

The area is equipped with the devices that are necessary for testing of graphic works, virtual realities as well as Android, IOS, window, desktop, web and mobile applications. 

The startups have the opportunity to test their products using the devices introduced at the show room as well as to create the relevant prototypes.

Co-working Area
Georgia’s Agency of Innovations and Technologies offers the startup companies a working area for cooperation or co-working, where the business incubator teams, the members of the Tech Park and startup companies can work together and at the same time, use the services available at the Tech Park in the working process.

The co-working area offers the startups monitors of highest quality, high-capacity printers, professional PCs and other modern technologies. 


Conference Hall
Tech Park also has a conference hall fully equipped with the devices necessary for holding the conferences, including sound-track system, projector and screen of highest quality. 

The Conference Hall operates on a regular basis. It is capable to host 230 people at a time and provides the service for different state and private organizations and companies. In order to receive the service of the Conference Hall, it is necessary to register on the Tech Park website. The service by the Conference Hall are commercial services except for the startup companies that can use the services free of charge for holding presentation, press-conferences or other events, which is another tool for facilitation of the development of the startup businesses.


Georgia’s Agency of Innovations and Technologies finances the whole cycle of trainings in informational technologies. 

Trainings of basics of web and mobile application are offered to the specialist including basic knowledge of IT project management, PYTHON programming, IOS programming. Training are available at the University of Georgia, the International Black Sea University, the Tech Parks Tbilisi, the Tech Park Zugdidi and several public schools. 

Training Programs are aimed at supporting the competitive human resources in obtaining knowledge of the information technologies in order to increase their employing capabilities at the international market. The project reflects the Georgian Government Strategy 2020, which implies the preparation of the 40 000 IT specialist around the country by the year 2020.

The free trainings will help IT companies to find the professional resources and, as a result, this project will definitely support the implementation of professions of future in the country. 

To participate in training, the interested candidate should submit the application form available on the website of the Tech Park.  


Contact Information:

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Address: N7 Innovations Street, Okrokana, Tbilisi.

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